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tonight at 9:00. silicon valley ladies the way to national economic recovery but not without competition from the rest of the bay area. danger of using accept to tend rise beef. it's a practice that could make you sick. >> 49ers clean out the lockers as coach harbaugh expresses regret about the team final drive. >> plus new earthquake retrofit plan that will cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. tens of thousands of dollars. >> sue nawm
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>> stock up nearly 100 points and business is booming. bay area base in talk for new investment that would value the company at 2 and a half billion despite a weak earning report for singe a stock is soaring. as "the new york times"notes more than 2 dozen start up in silicon valley are now worth in excess of 1 billion dollars. good evening i'm dan. in fact silicon valley ladies the rest of the country out of the great recession. new report out today shows 46,000 new businesses opened last year and 92,000 new jobs with created. one analyst says the valley is
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back to where it was before bust a dozen years ago. david tonight with the rest of the story. >> our regis at war with regard to who ownand of silicon valley. >>reporter: while san jose proclaims the capitol of silicon valley. san francisco and even the east bay beginning to steal some of the thunder. latest silicon valley index shows that santa clara and san mateo county created over 4 42,000 jobs last year however san francisco created nearly 16,000 with its push to attract social media and game start up. ceo of the silicon valley community foundation says the war isn't a bad thing. >> means we are creating a shared identity. shared regional identity about innovation. about creativity. about work force development. and that shared identity will then start to translate into seeing the renal as a whole and having a line decision. >>reporter: region having 27
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separate transit agency is one area where consolidation might be a smart move. example no incentive for a worker living in san francisco to use public transto it work in the valley. >> you might have to take 4 different transit operators. muni bus to get to bart oracle train or bart train you take it over to millbrae. switch at millbrae over to cal train then takeal crane down to mountain view then you switch on to vta light rail. 4 different transit operators. people don't do that. they drive. a bay area made up of 101 city with mayor who have to answer to the voters. but silicon valley more of a renal until identity the bay area economic vitality becomes everyone's business. ceo of joint venture silicon valley is hopeful. >> economic is more powerful than politic. this is un finding and political forces may dividing forces but overwhelmed by the economic. i'm hopeful. >>reporter: russell also warns that come back in silicon
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valley could be separate if consumer confidence way or spend are silicon valley to off pace the recovery and rest of the state and the nation. in sap jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> very encouraging news. people want to work in silicon valley but not everyone wants to live there. they would rather commute from san francisco or east bay. live picture now on traffic along interstate 80 in the berkeley area. now that drive time adds up now a new study shows the bay area traffic is just as bad as that in los angeles. in fact there's only one other city where drivers have it worse than we do. but there is a silver lining to the all the frustration. more now from 7 news transportation reporter heather. >> texas a&m confirmsg# the bay area commute are miserable. >> sitting in my car hour and a half each way is a lot of time wasted >> after washington, d.c. the bay area is tied with
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l.a. for worst commute in the nation. with 61 hours spent behind the wheel last year. costing bay area commuters more than 1200 dollars in time and gas. >> another way of looking at it is that congested regis a working region and that's a pretty good trade off. >> metropolitan transportation commission says the top congested areas have something else in common. they all weather the recession relatively well. >> now as the job pick in the bay area continues to rebound i think we can look for the bay area to remain in that top 5. >>reporter: we wondered if the silicon valley san francisco commute had grown worse faster than other traditionally pad commutes. comparison numbers are hard to come by but there are some indicators. >> traffic is horrible on the peninsula these days and i see a the lo of people wanting to be in the city versus tradition nationally in silicon valley. >>reporter: cal train has seen a steady increase in ridership
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for 28 consecutive months. now more cal train riders than ever in the history. realtor say they see a trend tech workers choosing san francisco over the south bay. open the flier for this 3.6 million dollar valley house a sign point targets them. near the google and apple shuttle stop. the valley in particular because it's towards the southern part of the city and easier commute on to the freeway. but you see literally across town too on the north side of town i see the bus on union street and sol mary street wait to go pick people up. >> the commission here in the bay area says look we are never going to defeat congestion but we can hopefully manage it with good planning and the right project. we won't have perhaps an ideal speed but reasonable speed on the road. in san francisco, heather, abc 7 news. developing story in san francisco tonight. sky 7 hd took these pictures just short time ago. police on the scene
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right now in the city tenderloin. shots rang out about 8:00 o'clock tonight. there are reports of multiple people shot in the 200 block of jones. we bring you more information as it develops but again this develop news happening right now in san francisco. in sonoma county 3 people were found shot to death in rural area off highway 116. sky 7 hd was there as well. you can see the scene near forestville. 3 homes and cabin on the property. brother of one victim called authorities after coming home and finding the bodies in the cabin. we will have more information on the story on abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. >> in fairfield tonight police have now publicly identified the teenager found dead in the city park last week. and they have released some pictures as well of 13-year-old jen conway allen of suisun city. body found friday morning. this picture was taken at a fair field intersection just minutes before she was last seen thursday afternoon. she was wearing as you can see gray
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sweater with blue leggings and carrying a pitching backpack. fairfield police are focusing on solving the murder but they need your help to do. that they set autopsy tip line. here's the number to call. that number on our web site as well. they plan a news conference for tomorrow to give a progress report to the media which we will of course share with you. >> tonight there are reports of tsunami damage in the solomon islands after strong earthquake in the south pacific. dozens of homes damaged by 3 foot tsunami waves. officials say through villages were hit. police now trying to determine if there are any deaths or injuries as a result. we have not heard that yet. tsunami warning was issued for the year after an 8 point 0magnitude under water earthquake struck near the eastern professor instant of solomon islands 5:00 p.m. our time no. reports of damage from the earthquake. tsunami warning has now been cancelled. >> well it is only a matter of time before the big one hits us again. that is why officials
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in san francisco may now force some homeowners who retrofit the buildings. proposal become by the mayor introduced at city hall today. more open the story from abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler. >> the earthquake sheer shook san francisco especially the marina district to its core. nearly a quarter century later much of the city is still vulnerable. >> might be surprising to some people is that those buildings collapsed in the marina district. the same building and building very similar to it exist all over the city. you can find them in the sun set. in the mission. >>reporter: david is a structural engineer working with the city to survey so-called soft structures. buildings where the first story might be weak because a wide open space has been carved out for garage or commercial space. city has identified nearly 3000 of the most dangerous and the potential risk they present is staggering. >> 3000 buildings that we are
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talking about close to 60,000 residence and 7000 would goers and 2 thousandths small businesses. >>reporter: board president david chu co-sponsoring legislation that would force property owners to make seismic upgrade. building target republican and democrat wood frame. built before 1978. 3 or more stories with 5 or more units of housing. san francisco former mayor newsom tried voluntary approach but after that failed he called for a mandatory measure. now that is the plan. and even though the work could cost close to 150,000 dollars. head of one property owner group is on board. >> i believe that it is a burden to property owners financially and to some of the tenant having work done in being. but you can't put a price on life safety. >> according to supervise chu who introduced the measure today banks will offer special financing packages. city will also provide incentive. and
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the retrofit listen phased in giving some property owns up to 7 years to get the job done. >> building owner and building industry understands that. either pay now or pay later. >> buildings owner don't comply get a sort of scarlet posted on the building alerting potential tenant that the building has not been retrofitted. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> bomb bullet and underground bunker. coming up next. town celebrates the release of 5-year-old boy held hostage, details emerge tonight about the daring operation that freed him. plus. >> i'm in sacramento governor rick perry launched an effort to lure california businesses away to texas. wait until you hear what governor brown called that campaign. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. clear sky tonight but showers not far away. i have the accu-weather forecast come up. >> president license to kill.
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>> new details tonight about the man who held a little boy captive in that upped ground bunker for nearly a week in alabama. fbi says he engaged in a fire fight with swat agents before he was killed during a rescue operation. it
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all also appears dykes reinforced the pwuchbinger against any entry by law enforcements. also placed 2 ied on the property. more tonight from mr. garrett. >> this also boy is now in his mother arms away from that upped ground bunker where he was held hospital stamping by a man with a gun and we learn tonight an improvised explosive device. fbi planned to rescue him coming into sharp focus. we confirmed that negotiators convince the captor dykes to approach the bunker door to accept delivery of an item. there fbi agents setoff an explosive did he vase. law enforcement forces say dyke fired on the agents. they fired back. moments later dyke dead and ethan was safe. fbi and highly specialize s.w.a.t. team spent 7 days planning the raid while hostage negotiators tried to keep dykes talking. we borroweded helicopter here
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in southern alabama to get our first look at dykes underground bunker site. you can see here a number of small structure on this lot of land but look. what dykes didn't know was just across the street the fbi had secretly built this mock bunker to train agents for different scenario. >> practice breaching the door. you can practice having a camera inside. ultimately design how you are going to assault this bunker. >>reporter: as authorities swarm the ground above, hostage negotiators remain in cop tact with dyke speaking through a haven't las vegas pipe. authorities were able to secre secretly place a small camera independent the 6 by 8 foot bunker to monitor dyke movemen movement. then when authorities saw dyke becoming increasingly agitated and holding a gun, they put the plan into action. now ethan is recuperating from his ordeal this is midland city alabama. >> u.s. military appears ready to extend some benefits to same sex partner of service members.
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final decision hasn't been made on which benefits would be included but the pentagon likely to allow same sex partner to have access to the open base commissary and other pill tear subsidized stores and health and welfare programs. pentagon rehe peeled the ban on openly gay service 16 months ago. >> now to a secret document stirring up so much controvers controversy. confidential justice department memo concludes that the government can order the killing of miles per hour citizen if his they are working with terrorists. the story tonight from abc news reporter jonathan karl. >> one count president obama has already used unmanned cia croan to strike more than 300 suspected terrorists targets. even more than his predecessor. but today we learn just how much authority the administration believes it has to kill without trial or evidence suspected terrorists. even american citizens. newly disclosed justice department document says american citizens tied to al qaeda can be killed
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if quote an informed high level official believes the target poses an imminent threat. document says it quote does not require the government to have clear evidence. case in point. this american citizen and top al qaeda leader link to several terror attack. he was killed in a 2011 drone strike. human wreaths advocate say the justice department memo goes way too far and. >> justifies essentially a claim that the executive branch can be judge jury and executio executioner. >>reporter: as soon as he became president barack obama stopped cia tactic like world trade center boarding that he considered torture but this justifies out right killing of suspected terrorist. >> how does dropping a bomb on american citizen without any traditional rae view. any trial. not raise the very human app rights question or more human rights question than something leak water boarding? >> president understands the gravity the of these issues. that is why he is committed to
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taking very seriously his responsibilities in this. >>reporter: white houses the president top priority is protecting the american people and in a way consist wept our value. expect the choice to run the cia will face can sharp question about his this later this week at his confirmation hearing and some in congress are trying to impose limits on the administration ability to use drone strikes. jonathan karl abc news the white house. >> all right. on to the weather forecast. spencer here as always. very cool outside tonight. cooler than it has been. >> these true. even cooler as the week progresses. pretty chilly by the weekend. lack at live view from the high definition east bay hills camera. looking out over the bay on mainly clear night. we expect a few clouds to develop but not many. and there could be some pockets of interior valley fog. right now look at live doppler 7 h dl. mainly cloud free sky and temperatures that the hour are generally in the 40's in our inland areas up
9:21 pm
in the north bay. napa 45. santa rosa 45. fairfield 45. and we have even in the inland east bay soumer 40's at cop cord livermore. low 50's at oakland redd with city 50 degrees flat at san jose. forecast feature mostly clear and chilly overnight. we see cold showers on thursday and friday. sunny milder conditions prevail this weeken weekend. composite image shows a dr one that pushed clouds through early today and behind that a little bit of cool air but no precipitation with the front. colder air arrive with the second front and good chance of some showers arriving with that as well. start the forecast animation 5:00 o'clock thursday morning at which point there may be a few wet spots already for the morning commute painly up in the north bay. as the cold front sweeps south ward eastward by morning thursday we see farther development of the showers over to the east bay down to the south bay parts of the peninsula. we don't expect heavy rain from the system but we probably will get wide
9:22 pm
spread showers. then the system sweeps on through late thursday. thursday night into early friday morning. overnight hours colder air arrives might even see some mixed precipitation spot of snow or 2. top the higher bay area peak like mount hamilton and mount saint helena. hamilton rate there. 2:00 a.m. friday later in the day friday system brakes up. falls apart into isolated scattered showers but still even by midmorning friday cold air if enough moisture left to produce some light snow top mount hamilton. by "newsnight"okay friday morning looking at rainfall total generally across the bay area. quarter of an inch we expect to get out of. >> in the sierra near lake tahoe not much from the system either. tomorrow sunny thursday chance of showers rain showers. friday cold air filthers in chance of snow showers but we don't expect more than jaws few inches of precipitation max from this system around lick tahoe. back in the bay area tonight. chilly in the interior valley in the north bay and east bay where we see low pressure
9:23 pm
dropping to the 30's. mainly low 40's for the remainder of the bay area then tomorrow sunny sky with few high clouds. high pressure generally in the upper 50's and similar range of high near monterey bay. upper 50's to 60's. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. showers on thursday. maybe lingering shower or 2 on friday then partial clearing late friday. chilly on friday. high pressure only in the low to mid 50's friday afternoon but over the weekend sunny and a little bit milder by early next week we see high pressure back in the low 60's. >> not bad at all. >> such app easy january easing into february. >> that's right. >> you have seen the robotic vacuum. immanuel one cleaning the cell phone. that story coming up. >> how the diet soda may getting you drunk. stay with us.
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>> instead of superbowl victory parade we hoped to have here today in san francisco, the 49ers pack up the locker and left the santa clare headquarters one by one today. now some spoke to reporters about what was very tough loss and the disappointment. 7 news reporter thomas with the story now from santa clara. >> forty-niner locker room fairly quiet. player packed up the gear preparing to go home. sunday loss can be seen on every face. quarterback kaepernick says the team will pick it up to win next year. >> take a lot of work like this past year. do more to make sure we win. >>reporter: he voiced frustration at being so close to a win. >> we beatg teams in the nfc. atlanta. green bay. new orleans. and come it hurt but the hardest real outside how hard to get
9:28 pm
hear. >>reporter: players like davis now is the time to visit family and heal physically and emotionally. >> take days off. get our bodies back and relax. heal the injuries. and things like this and pick back up. where we left off. >>reporter: nobody is taking sunday harder than coach harbaugh. last conference of the season he asked what he could have done differently. >> the would have could have should have is undefeated. these never failed. >>reporter: har but would not comment on the future of his other quarterback smith. he had nothing but praise for kaepernick. >> he has the appropriate amount of competitive fair when you need competitive fire. he has the appropriate amount of happy and joy when it is the right time to have that. >>reporter: wide receiver williams summed up what most team members told us. >> there noise fingerprint going on. it's a matter of we
9:29 pm
are that close. had to get it done and we didn't get it done. we'll than back ready to go next year. >>reporter: thomas reporting from santa clara and disappointed forty-niner headquarters. >> new budget scandal may brewing in sacramento tonight. come up. the new cal fire tax and why some lawmakers demand ago refund. >> plus our capitol correspondent reports on the indelicate language used by the governor in describing a campaign to steal california jobs. >> and lack at the process used by the meat industry to tenderize beef. not without tthere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ >> now abc 7 news. >> texas has come to the golden state trying to steal away our
9:33 pm
jobs. they are taking to the air wave with message to the governor and as annette explains, california's governor had a few choice words today when asked about this job coaching campaign. >> be a business is tough. but i hear building a business in california is next to impossible. this is texas governor rick perry and i have a message for california businesses. come check out texas. >> texas governor rick perry launch add radio web campaign this week to lure california businesses and jobs away with what he calls low taxes and sensible regulation. california governor jerry brown dismissed the evident which has only spent 25,000 dollars so far for air time. >> it's not a burp. barely a farther. >>reporter: the war of words illustrates the bitter relationship between the nation 2 biggest states viing for bragging rights as to which one is better for company. business lead versus consistently rank california as a bad place to do business.
9:34 pm
some in the business community say governor brown should be paying attention. >> current administration treats it as joke. >>reporter: aaron worked for then governor schwarzenegger and tried to convince businesses to stay in california of a tough sell. >> taxes high. business onerous and things keep them from being able to innovate and grow the business and create jobs. >>reporter: poaching does office but go busy try to head off any defection. >> 1948 people wanted to come to california and take our gol gold. yes. you go where the gold is. coming to california because this is where it is. >> there are example of businesses coming into the golden state. ups unveiled a new green fleet. electric vehicle international built the truck in california after choose to go relocate from mexico. >> california is quit competitive. came over the border this way. north. very competitive. >>reporter: governor perry to begin personally pitching california company next week.
9:35 pm
his first visit is with animation in oxnard. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> silicon valley firm facing a lot of questions tonight according to the mercury news. prominent silicon valley start up penaltyize for workers from mexico and paying them the equivalent of 2.66 an hour in pace os. fuel cell and sell energy to company like at&t google wal-mart. june ordered the sunny vail start up to back wages and damages to pay them back wages and damages. >> citizen organization of tech professional will work with the city of oakland. code for america is providing 3 fellowship win investigators help city government stream line the xawter processes. helping both citizens and government officials work together. oakland is one of 10 cities in america that will benefit this year from having these 26 fellows. >> group of republican state lawmakers is questioning how
9:36 pm
cal fire is using a fire fee and once it repealed they sent the governor a letter asking him to rae peel the special fire tax that is paid by 85 850,000 californians who live in wildfire country. request comes after reports that the california department of forestry and fire protection placed 3.6 million dollars from legal settlement into an off too budget account. legislators want federal prosecutors to investigate. >> they can not put money into a secret fund. have it administered off the state book county district attorney association. that's almost criminal. >>reporter: cal fire spokesman says allegations that the money was hidden are false. saying the fund was posted on the state transparency web site where audit are public. >> moving on. tonight our 7 news i team has an inside look at very common meat industry practice that has food safety advocate worried. raises new question about how much you get to know about the meat that you
9:37 pm
eat. dan with the details. >> video posted to you tube showed how mechanically tender meat is made. large tough pieces of meat pumping your with needle or blade breaking down the fine near tender beef. water or marinade injected at the same time. >> another way for industry to get as much profit as they can out of meat that otherwise consumer may not have been interested in. >>reporter: the problem is you don't know you are eating it. mechanically tender meat doesn't look different when it hits the store but food at advocate warn people need to know what they are dealing with here's the reason. needle can push deadly bacteria like e.coli from the outside of the meat into the center white is harder to cook off. like hamburger you have to cook it through to be safe. you shouldn't eat it rare soil. what we are advocating for is a label on it. >>reporter: dr. barbara is pushing the issue since 2008. she's the founder of non-profit
9:38 pm
center for food borne illness research and prevention. >> i'm very passionate about it. something that is very near and dear to my heart. >> family tragedy 2001 turned her into a relentless advocate for food industry reform. >> my 2 and a half-year-old son kevin contracted e.coli and went from being perfectly healthy to being dead in 12 da days. >>reporter: her story and craw said became part of the 2009 oscar nominated documentary food inc. part of the campaign to get the federal government to label mechanically tenderize meat. >> as consumer i have a right to know what i am putting into my body and what i am putting into my children body and all i'm asking for is for them to label it. i can't imagine that the label is going to cost that much more. >>reporter: the debate over label gained attention this fall when the canadian government recalled millions of pounds of beef product including naturally had mechanically tend rise from canadian processor xl food. 18
9:39 pm
illness traced back to the plant. 2 and half million pounds of xl food beef imported to the thaus quickly taken off shelves. >> i'm a mother i have 2 small children. and i'm confident in the safety of the meat supply in the country. >>reporter: meat industry representative and cal polly professor says there is a risk for contamination in meat needled but how big a risk is still in question. they want the government to study that issue before moving forward with a label. >> there's certainly nothing wrong with giving people information as long as it doesn't unduly frighten them about the product that they condition assume. there are already warning labels safe handling label on meat product at the retail level. >>reporter: usda estimates 18 percent of all steak and roast in the u.s. are tend rise including meat sold in grocery stores. but according to one trade group that 18 percent is a low estimate. the north american meat association says
9:40 pm
they surhave i one part of the market, hotel strayed and found 80 to 90 percent of the beef served there is mechanically tend rise. even though it is so prevalent the industry won't commit to labels without that risk of study. >> i think it's an industry we are not ready to say anything different should be done. >>reporter: there have been recall of meat that was mechanically tend raze and in some cases marinated here in the u.s. data from the american meat institute lobby for the meat industry lists 6 recall since 2003. during the latest incident in 2009 at least 21 people got 6 and 16 states including california. and that's the bottom line for whistle blower groups like the food integrity campaign. >> it has been associated with illness. still apparently not enough illness to justify a simple label. simple label so consumer can make informed decision about what they eat. >> that's dan reporting for us. thanks to dan. almost a year
9:41 pm
since usda sent proposal for label to the white house. if it gets approved there both side say they are gearing up to fight over just what that label will say. for now the best bet is to cook the steak all the way through just to be safe. no need to take a chance. >> coming up here. which monopoly token must go? fans voting right now. have fa[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> the type of mixture people use for the cocktail could determine how drunk they will get. new study out of northern kentucky university finds that drink made with alcohol and diet soda leave a person more intoxicated than drinks mixed with sugar soda. researchers found the sugar in regular soda slows down the rate of alcohol absorption and using diet soda
9:45 pm
can increase the concentration by 18 percent that is fairly significant. >> we all look stereo sound but what about stereo smell. not clear that people even possess the ability but now we know that one mammal certainly does. mole. using an intra cat set of experiment scientist at vanderbilt university figured out that as far as mole go the nose knows. stereo smelling each nostril take ins different odor with the brain recognizing the differences. can separate them. discovery a first since no mammal thought to have this ability. and this feature can mean the difference between life an death if you are a mol mole. mole can locate the direction of an enemy in one sniff rather than 2 it's more likely to survive. >> odds are you cleaned the smunls on the phone with your hand maybe nearby cloth something lick. that well now you can get a row about the to do it. here it is. 17 dollar robotic vacuum designed specifically for smart phone and tablet. think of it as
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amen tourize rumba. made by a company in japan. automatically cleans smart phone screen in 4 minutes. tablet screen in 8. vacuum even come in 4 colors. they go on sale next month. i don't know but but so exhausting cleaning it by difficult. >> voting has just ended on which token and month inspectly board game that is eliminated so far the wheel l barrow shoe and iron are neck and neck for elimination. hasbro announce the new piece tomorrow morning. new addition is robot diamond ring cat helicopter or a guita guitar. fans from more than 120 country have voted for this. so the wheel barrow shoe and iron on the chopping block. >> well from supermarket to super bowl up next calvin klein ad man and secret behind the rock hard ab. exercise rock hard ab. exercise couldn't hurt well, well, well.
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>> after all the talk about the best superbowl ads one guy who telephone scored the best superbowl ab. he's the guy in the calvin klein commercial. cecelia has the story. >> some say it was the salute
9:50 pm
best ad of the superbowl. he's the new face, well, okay the new ab of calvin klein. and those ab are everywhere. mr. ab does have a name. he haas is 21-year-old matthew perry not too long ago he was stocking milk in a new jersey grocery store. after his mom entered the photo in a modeling contest the rest as they say. >> phone call from my agent saying the video that you shot is in the superbowl. i was pretty much speechless. >>reporter: speechless hardly the reaction the family had when they and the rest of the country saw him shirtless on sunday. now terri ab join the rank of other ab of steel and give david beckham a run for his money. but it takes a lot of work to look this good. >> i like doing planks. i find that once you get that burning feeling that's when you need to push yourself more. >> beyond a 6 pack.
9:51 pm
>> if you count the one on the side. >> without a doubt best 6 pack of the superbowl and it had nothing at all to do with fear. >> cecelia, abc news new york. >> all right let's go back and update the forecast. spencer is here. spencer i'm sure you look like that. >> i have to go home and do some planking. maybe i'll make the superbowl next year. time lapse view this afternoon from the high definition mount tam camera. clouds at various level. mainly mostly clear skies and mainly clear skies now us a can see on live doppler 7hd cloud tree but maybe not for long. state wide tomorrow mainly cloud free day. mild high pressure in the 60's and low 70's. 60's in the bay area tomorrow. we have cool conditions over nature but by mid afternoon tomorrow high pressure in the upper 50's near 60 but things will change. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast thursday we expect showers not heavy but wet and
9:52 pm
some of the showers lingering in early friday. it's a chilly day on friday with high pressure only in the low to mid 50's but sunny mild conditions over the weekend and by next week early next week high pressure will be back in the low 60's again. may need umbrella or some sort of cover on thursday. >> okay. >> still pretty mild. >> lovely week ahead. >> thanks very much. >> sports director larry we think he's back from new orleans. decided to hang around a couple more days enjoying break after grueling week but rick is back with the sports. maybe still in the french quarter. >> maybe hanging out with pat o'brien as far as i know. coming up in sports. niners look to next season and what lo[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> coming up tonight on 7 fuss at 11:00. largest gathering on earth. pilgrim attended by millions. many from the bay
9:56 pm
area. hear why they go. >> and special report on the surgery leaving patients looking years younger and slimmer. big improvement in technology some patients feeling a lot better about themselves those stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. younger slimmer. sign me up. >> there you go. >> rick is here. >> okay dan as you might expect rather somber mood today at forty-niner headquarters as players clean out their locker lockers. the sting of having come so close to pulling off greatest come back in superbowl history will haunt them for awhile. kaepernick doesn't want to waste any time getting ready for next season. he plans to start training with the team mates in atlanta. >> will take a lot of work. have to do a little bit more and make sure we win. >> do you think it helped develop you to make you better as football player maybe set. >> good to get the experience.
9:57 pm
we should have won the game. >> wasn't our time. wasn't our time. last year you look we made some progression. from where we were and this year we went a step, the next step. so all about progression and now we have to have faith in next year. >> we start off the season saying get the sawp bowl. we accomplished that. came up short in the game and disappointed but excited for the future. excited to get back to work. >> didn't come our way. didn't come on top. we still had a great year. >> next thing for all the guys is getting some r&r. recharge the battery. while they are doing that really start thinking about how get an edge. >> as we saw during the superbowl jim its one of the
9:58 pm
most demonextrative head coaches in the nfl hates to lose and really doesn't care what people think of the side line behavior. today harbaugh was asked if he would ever consider toning it down. >> in terms of what. etiquett etiquette. >> we fate to win. asking my personal etiquette need to be changed.'s pay the that. that happens. >> i don't think he will be as ravens sell brited the second superbowl title. thousands office fans dress in purple line the street and cheer as the team paraded through downtown baltimore. the route went by the ravens stadium and city hall. star safety reed so happy he broke in and out song unfortunately.
9:59 pm
>> we have 2 tickets to paradise. pack the bag and leave tonight. whoa. whoa. >> baltimore. >> this is our time. and we brought home another crown. 2 for me. 2 for me. the city of baltimore. i love you. forever. >> after going perfect 4 and o last week the warriors shot down tonight in houston. jeremy played one of the best games of the season making career high 5, 3 pointers. rate before the half curry show east can hit the long ball from half court. he bank it in. but houston could not miss from downtown. hits again. he scored a game high 28 points to go with nine assist. rocket would tie the record with 23, 3 pointers
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